Saturday, February 11, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting Feb 2nd 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
February 2, 2017

Meeting was held online

In Attendance:



Old business
Discussion: Vancoufur 2018 Chair

Aphinity stated he was comfortable with MYSTERY PERSON as Chair for 2018.
Pdawg questioned as to whether we would consider a broader leadership group going forward, referencing MFF which uses a Chair and multiple leads as its leadership. MYSTERY PERSON affirmed that he felt a chair and leads structure is the best way to move forward.

Mediar inquired regarding themes; MYSTERY PERSON has ten theme ideas which he was going to bring to staff for discussion.

Discussion took place regarding possible leads for 2018; MYSTERY PERSON had spoken with several people and had a starting point for them.

Tony questioned whether the convention could be held at the current scope and in its current state. Some discussion occurred regarding staffing levels, but MYSTERY PERSON felt that support will be available for staffing. Board members asserted that they will assist where needed.

It was moved by Tony and seconded by Mediar that MYSTERY PERSON be named Chair for VancouFur 2018.
Motion passed, 4 to 0. (1 abstained)

Meeting adjourned.


Mystery Person = Carthage the 2018 VF Chair!

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  1. so someone want to let me know who tjis mystery person is please send mr info via pm. I would also like to see the finacial books ( full disclosure) registration an full memoandomr of the board and accounts of the board.