Saturday, February 11, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting Jan 31st 2016

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Jan 31 2016



Old Business

Domain Registration:
TechSoup/ .org:
Tony - touch base with Faye for BCAEA documents
Trapa - regain .ca domain?
Trapa,Phin - step away from .ca, come back to it at a later date

Staff guidelines/manual:
 PDawg - will develop a policy manual at BoD Retert
Phin - create a wiki for the staff to make
Mediar - email back to Zen, create google doc share

Clean up competition:
Trapa, Phin - hotel meeting tomorrow about room clean-up -
- prizes: 1st weekend, 2nd, one night, 3rd Top membership for next
- $250, ask hotel to match. Passed by Anon!

CC/Debt Machines:
Phin - We need a BCAEA Bank account
Phin - asked Faye to create the new bank account with BCAEA docs
Rhari - to get con paperwork from Faye
Tony - get bank setup before Credit Card Machine-
Tony - GST#?
On-Site RCMP/Aux Police:
Rhari - will check on this.

Vaping/Smoking signs:
Phin - is vaping is a $200 fine?
Mediar - researched during meeting, vaping, not a law yet in BC
Rhari, Phin - Signs to warn attendees, will ask Selkit for help

Director Insurance:
- Everyone look into lawyers/legal offices that specialize with non-profits, to figure out if we need any insurance.
- Tony will take over this issue.

New Business

Storage Locker payment to Gizmo
Tony - Talk to Gizmo to see what he wants for rent
Phin - Gizmo gets a Patron membership for free, from the Board

Brony Can:
- PDawg to edit and send response back to VF Board.

BoD Retreat:
San will check on availability of suite in Whistler.

Staff vaping inside:
- Ask hotel if we its ok to bring Kealy’s booze into the room.
- renting gear from Torwin
- make a rental agreement for ALL gear NOT coming from a company (e.g Who is picking it up)
Trapa - Example of Nor West Con

Meeting adjourned.

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