Saturday, February 11, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting Jan 24th 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Jan 24 2017
Meeting was held online

Old business

Leadership 2018 discussions:
Tony - Suggested a multi-leader instead of single chair.
Mediar - suggested that mff does the same.
Cath - Trapa stepping back, letting the community discussion has been working well. Will not hurt to continue.
Mediar - Is interested in seeing this happen
PDawg - will talk to MFF’s chairs to get their take.
Phin - Will fix a public perspection, as it’s not just one person, will help. Otherwise it’s working.
Tony - Remove “chair”, move to something else. Reduce the bulleyes for the public.
Phin - If there is a disagreement, there isn’t one person to make an ultimate say.
Tony - An Org that will put three leaders in three equal segments. Each person would run their silo.
Phin - Unsure why we need this.
Tony -
Carth - Concerned about the # of experienced staff we are going to lose. Reducing the bulleyes is a good idea.

Open BoD Spots:
FT board spot- mediar will talk to Akonite
Community Rep spot - email sent out, 2 week limit.

New Business

Adult toys sold in the dealersden at the con:
Tony - Brought forward at staff’s request.
Mediar - ok with it, as long as it’s in an 18+ only spot.
Phin - make a separated area via pipe and drape, and have him in there away from everything else.
Tony - Refer back to staff with our recommendations.
Phin - Anyone have any issues?
Tony - Has issues with the toys being there.
Phin - Echos Tony, worrying about VF’s image of “Family Friendly”.
Phin - Ok as long as it’s not blatantly advertised.

Financial changes:
Mediar - Government paperwork regarding the BCAEA
Tony will look at.

Phin - Remove PP from his CC account
Tony will look into.

Staffing shortages:
Pdawg - What do we need volunteers for?
Reg, theater - needed.
Security - good numbers.

Tabled to next meeting, due to time constraints

Ideas to involve the local community:
Tony - table. Move to a meeting late next week.
Think of ideas, share them, have a plan.
Maybe look a NEW Hotel

Board retreat for policy creation:
Mediar - Discussion of a Board Retreat for policy recreation

Publish Meeting Minutes to public:
Mediar - Minutes posted to the Website.
Tony will look into it.

Meeting adjourned.

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