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BCAEA General Meeting Oct 13th 2016

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Oct 13 2016

Meeting was held online
In attendance:
In person:

Calling in via skype:

New Business:
  • Update on today’s statement/email
    • Tony - looks like the statement helped quiet things, (1500 impressions, 360 engagements)
    • Looks to be positive
    • TIme to resolve and move forward
  • Staff feelings
    • Tony - Need to reassure staff, and then understand what we are doing.
    • Temrin - talking to them in chats to let them know things are being worked on.
    • Faye - General staff feelings.
    • Temrin - Staff concerned about their name being slandered. Generally ‘ok’. Staff still posting on social media, mostly ok.
    • Carthage - everyone supportive after the statement was issued.
    • Aphinity - this turned into an emotional instead of fact, once their request was turned down.
    • Elias - the staff are ok, but a lot big shoes to fill, and not enough to ppl to do that.
    • Lost the following staff: Mesa, Silvermink, Tyins, Akonite, SilverHoof, and sort of Lavose. Very likely also Greyson.

  • Harassment/Sexual Assault Policy
    • Tony - Need an AT EVENT POLICY, need to figure out what it is, and how we approach it.
    • Temrin - Staff harassment at sanctioned events.

MOTION Aphinity  - Any emails/coms, we receive regarding an incident that happened out side of an BCAEA event, will receive a reply stating relevant BCAEA policy and helplines for the related incident relevant to the case. Faye seconds

Unanimous vote for.

  • Non-convention Harassment
    • Tony - If we do something, are we legally liable, ie: we ban someone based 3rd party info, what happens.
    • Carthage - It’s a private event, we can refuse a membership at our discretion
    • Phin - do we choose to use allegations to look at banning someone?
      • Temrin - Receiving evidence, legal obligation to report crimes?
      • Tony - Private events, no requirements
      • Faye - Will talk to the lawyers
      • Temrin - Should require a police
      • Trapa - Give a suggestion we might do something if we deem it worthy
      • Carthage -
      • Mediar - do not take complaints about someone, unless there is an extraordinary event (active police case, charges laid, or conviction.)
      • Temrin - Agrees with mediar. People will come to us with all mater of things.
      • Tony - also agrees, but we have to make it look like we’ve considered all points and relay that to the public.
        • Trapa - create an essay length of why  and what we looked at.
        • Phin - Will be picked apart and used against us.
        • Temrin - essay could work, re:Furry Network over cub porn. Good thing to base it of off.
      • Phin - How to we proceed with latest situation? (Police report)
      • Trapa - what about released criminals after they serve their term?
      • Phin - Scam artist in dealers den, now he wants to do the same thing at VF. Drug dealer, and being allowed in VF.

  • Tony - will continue to explore and create policy.

MOTION mediar - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events,

the BCAEA Board will only discuss about taking  action on a complaint about someone/a party, only if there is at least a Police Case with file# available or offered.

Tony seconds

In favour 1
Apposed 5

MOTION trapa - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events,

the BCAEA Board will not look at a compliant at all. The only action taken would be pointing the person to a support service.

Mediar seconds

In favour 2
Apposed 4

MOTION Phin - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events.

Any complaint received about attendees including a documented Criminal charge involving Violent Crime will trigger an immediate review of membership eligibility.

Carthage Seconds

In favour Unanimous

Move - Faye - Table the conversation regarding when the BCAEA Board will take action on a complaint, for no longer than 2 weeks.

Tony second

In Favour 5
Apposed 1


Mediar: Add the constitution of BCAEA as text to the board webpage.

Tony/Phin to fine BCAEA paperwork.

Business pushed to next meeting:
  • SJW comment
  • Have talked to Ph8l and they will post any BoD meeting minutes, bylaw and policy updates.

Continuing Business:
  • 8th BoD spot

Meeting adjourned.

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