Saturday, February 11, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting Jan 10th 2016

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Jan 10th 2016


New Business

Executive poisiton election:

Tony - Pres by trapa, passed, Unom.
Faye - Vice Pres, passed, Unom.
Mediar - Secretary/Treasurer, Unom.

Chair discussion:

Replies from Chair nominees
Cek - Yes (VC - Trapa if voted in)
Trapa - Yes (VC - Cek if voted in)
Akonite - No
Silver - No

Board Retreat:
Retreat to develop Policy Manual - pdawgl

BCAEA Paperwork:
Incorporation, yearly paperwork, etc? - Faye

Director’s insurance for Trapa’s house and co.

AGM - Thursday Night Con

BCAEA Website:
Website - Trapa

- short discussion on Rainfurrest issue and how to avoid it
Tony -  board level making absolutely clear, misbehaviour at the con through their actions, that they will have their membership revoked.

Trapa - Better announcements, not to sound like were talking down to attendees.
Tony - Do not talk about specific people.
Phin - Better communications needed. Board had no solo voice. Need a direct line of coms aside from the con. Board Only Twitter, website, etc.
Phin - Suggestion: Board policy: public state of intoxication, can have their badge revoked.
Trapa - Suggestion, if con-goer is from extremely drunk, we are going to call a paramedic, or have a guardian take responsibility. OR Revoke for the night, have a discussion the next morning.
Tony - have a sheet in Ops, for Board action to remove a badge.
Pdawg - Con needs to look at the cause. Make the bar something fun. Have the con field a place for people to go to and partry. Have a keg room (FCN). Promote Kelley’. Badges, ghosting, hard rules on ghosting badges. Dance, no badge, ban from con space? Year ban?
Tony -  Suggested the con have: prepped forms in conops.
Phin -  Kelley’s was good to Brony’s.
Trapa - No con space vaping.
San - make the signs and make it public with signs. We need signage!

Additional Rooms:
Hotel - Exec and Sheraton looking to add more rooms (350 room nights atm)
Clean up competition, this year. Need a letter to send to

Meeting adjourned.

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