Sunday, June 25, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting May 13th 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Minutes of the meeting of May 13, 2017

Attending: Tony, Pdawg, Greyson, Carthage, Aphinity, RainRat, Mediar, 8 general members

Policy Manual
Board is still working towards developing the manual significantly in 2017/18. Tony has some rough suggestions to be shared with the rest of the board as a start to a working document. Some discussion suggested that the board consider policy manuals and documents from other conventions, and the board will pursue reviewing other events’ manuals for inspiration and ideas. Board is likely to target a business session to focus in on manual development in August.

Board discussion regarding having outside professionals handle financial duties for the convention. (Note: later research determined that as the BCAEA is such a small organization, several accountants recommended that volunteers be recruited to handle financial duties.) The board approved unanimously the acquisition of QuickBooks Online for ease of bookkeeping. Greyson suggested looking into volunteer audits in future.

Pdawg reported that ElektroFuzz had 45 presale tickets and was on target for reaching 120 total tickets sold.
The board discussed future activities for this summer, with discussion of a picnic or BBQ, or possibly a water park day. Research is continuing.
Offline discussions
The Board reviewed some discussions held between meetings.
- The BCAEA has not banned any individuals from attending its events.
- Elections are scheduled for end of June to fill two seats for three year terms.

New business
Carthage requested that as part of the policy discussion the Board review transition from one VancouFur chair to the next. Aphinity noted that this year has been somewhat hectic for a number of reasons. It was agreed to discuss this during the policy manual discussions.

Carthage also requested that the Board cover the user costs of Basecamp, which is the central organizing tool for VF 2018 at present. The board agreed to do so.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BCAEA AGM March 10th 2017

Minutes  of  the  Annual  General  Meeting BC Anthropomorphic  Events  Association March  10,  2017.

Attendance Directors:

Tony  -  President
Mediar  -  Secretary
Rain  Rat

8  members  of  the  Association

New  Community  Representative:​ 

The  Board  welcomed  Rain  Rat,  who  was  elected  by the  staff  to  take  on  the  one-year  Community  Representative  position  on  the  Board.  His position  will  run  until  VancouFur  2018.

2016-17  Retrospective: ​ Tony  reported  that  the  year  has  been  challenging  for  the  board and  staff,  but  we  have  been  forced  to  face  internal  issues  that  have  improved  the organization  as  a  whole.  These  challenges  have  kickstarted  development  of  the  Policy Manual.  We  have  also  encouraged  greater  communications  by  expanding  our  social media  presence,  with  a  Twitter  account  for  announcements  and  Telegram  presence along  with  two  blogs  and  a  website.  

A  member  suggested  that  we  advertise  the  Telegram  chat  more  widely,  and  the  board generally  agreed  with  that  idea.

The  convention’s  email  system  has  been  moved  onto  a  Google-based  not-for-profit email  system  to  improve  communications  overall.

It  was  noted  that  the  Board  has  been  expanded,  though  due  to  resignations  there  are two  open  seats.  One,  for  a  position  that  would  end  in  2017,  will  be  filled  by  election  at that  time  along  with  the  position  that  will  be  vacated  by  Aphinity  at  the  end  of  his  second term.  The  second,  which  would  expire  in  2018,  is  in  the  process  of  being  filled  by  the board.

Questions  were  taken  on  this  report.  One  query  was  in  regards  to  how  the  board functions  in  a  situation  where  the  Convention  Chair  is  a  member  of  the  board.  It  was explained  that  the  Director  serving  as  Chair  would  recuse  from  convention-related issues,  but  would  be  welcome  to  discuss  and  vote  regarding  other  issues. 

One  member raised  concerns  with  the  volunteer  forms  on  the  VancouFur  website;  this  was  referred  to staff.

Financial  Report: ​ Tony  discussed  the  finances  of  the  BCAEA.  The  entirety  of  the convention’s  income  is  derived  from  VancouFur  once  yearly,  and  all  surplus  funds  are placed  into  the  BCAEA  account  as  a  contingency  and  for  use  to  support  other  events  in the  Vancouver  anthropomorphic  community.  The  majority  of  the  convention’s  expenses through  the  year  at  present  are  for  payment  of  storage  fees.   At  the  time  of  the  meeting,  the  BCAEA  held  the  following:  $40,282  in  Coast  Capital Savings;  $14,944  in  PayPal.

2017-18  Planning:​  The  BCAEA  plans  to  expand  the  events  it  supports  in  the  coming year  to  expand  its  visibility  in  the  community  and  to  draw  local  members  in  to  become involved  with  VancouFur  through  the  year.  Plans  are  for  smaller  events  to  try  and expand  the  awareness  of  the  convention,  the  Board  and  the  need  for  volunteer  support.

At  present,  Pdawg  is  organizing  another  iteration  of  ElectroFuzz,  the  popular  dance events  held  previously,  planned  for  sometime  this  spring. 

Other  suggestions  include bowling,  barbecues,  a  potential  New  Years  event,  and  others  to  be  discussed  later.

Other  planned  activities  in  2017-18  include  continuing  to  build  the  policy  manual,  with hopes  of  having  that  and  more  useful  documentation  for  convention  staff  ready  within the  year.

Questions The  Board  welcomed  questions  and  comments  from  members:

A  question  involved  adult  art  at  the  convention.  Mediar  noted  that  the  board  has  given direction  to  check  the  identification  of  people  wishing  to  view  adult  art  or  to  attend potential  adult  sales  sections  in  the  future,  and  that  such  goods  must  be  kept  out  of  sight of  the  general  public. Mediar  noted  in  discussion  of  volunteers  that  the  convention  had  an  influx  before  the event  started,  especially  in  the  security  department.

A  member  commented  that  VancouFur  should  look  at  ways  to  automate  its  human resources  operations,  such  as  responses  to  volunteer  applications,  and  offered  to provide  connections. With  no  further  business,  the  meeting  was  adjourned.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting Feb 2nd 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
February 2, 2017

Meeting was held online

In Attendance:



Old business
Discussion: Vancoufur 2018 Chair

Aphinity stated he was comfortable with MYSTERY PERSON as Chair for 2018.
Pdawg questioned as to whether we would consider a broader leadership group going forward, referencing MFF which uses a Chair and multiple leads as its leadership. MYSTERY PERSON affirmed that he felt a chair and leads structure is the best way to move forward.

Mediar inquired regarding themes; MYSTERY PERSON has ten theme ideas which he was going to bring to staff for discussion.

Discussion took place regarding possible leads for 2018; MYSTERY PERSON had spoken with several people and had a starting point for them.

Tony questioned whether the convention could be held at the current scope and in its current state. Some discussion occurred regarding staffing levels, but MYSTERY PERSON felt that support will be available for staffing. Board members asserted that they will assist where needed.

It was moved by Tony and seconded by Mediar that MYSTERY PERSON be named Chair for VancouFur 2018.
Motion passed, 4 to 0. (1 abstained)

Meeting adjourned.


Mystery Person = Carthage the 2018 VF Chair!

BCAEA General Meeting Jan 24th 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Jan 24 2017
Meeting was held online

Old business

Leadership 2018 discussions:
Tony - Suggested a multi-leader instead of single chair.
Mediar - suggested that mff does the same.
Cath - Trapa stepping back, letting the community discussion has been working well. Will not hurt to continue.
Mediar - Is interested in seeing this happen
PDawg - will talk to MFF’s chairs to get their take.
Phin - Will fix a public perspection, as it’s not just one person, will help. Otherwise it’s working.
Tony - Remove “chair”, move to something else. Reduce the bulleyes for the public.
Phin - If there is a disagreement, there isn’t one person to make an ultimate say.
Tony - An Org that will put three leaders in three equal segments. Each person would run their silo.
Phin - Unsure why we need this.
Tony -
Carth - Concerned about the # of experienced staff we are going to lose. Reducing the bulleyes is a good idea.

Open BoD Spots:
FT board spot- mediar will talk to Akonite
Community Rep spot - email sent out, 2 week limit.

New Business

Adult toys sold in the dealersden at the con:
Tony - Brought forward at staff’s request.
Mediar - ok with it, as long as it’s in an 18+ only spot.
Phin - make a separated area via pipe and drape, and have him in there away from everything else.
Tony - Refer back to staff with our recommendations.
Phin - Anyone have any issues?
Tony - Has issues with the toys being there.
Phin - Echos Tony, worrying about VF’s image of “Family Friendly”.
Phin - Ok as long as it’s not blatantly advertised.

Financial changes:
Mediar - Government paperwork regarding the BCAEA
Tony will look at.

Phin - Remove PP from his CC account
Tony will look into.

Staffing shortages:
Pdawg - What do we need volunteers for?
Reg, theater - needed.
Security - good numbers.

Tabled to next meeting, due to time constraints

Ideas to involve the local community:
Tony - table. Move to a meeting late next week.
Think of ideas, share them, have a plan.
Maybe look a NEW Hotel

Board retreat for policy creation:
Mediar - Discussion of a Board Retreat for policy recreation

Publish Meeting Minutes to public:
Mediar - Minutes posted to the Website.
Tony will look into it.

Meeting adjourned.

BCAEA General Meeting Oct 22nd 2016

BCAEA Board of Directors
Regular Meeting - Oct. 22, 2016

Attending: Tony, Aphinity, Faye, Carthage, Mediar
Regrets: Rhari
Multiple members of the public

The board confirmed and regretfully accepted the resignation of Trapa from the board.

Community Rep Election
Faye will send out an email in the coming days to solicit nominations for the Community Rep for 2016-17. The Board will hold an online vote for the position among staff members at that point.

VancouFur 2018 Chair Nominations
Tony will send an email to staff and we will solicit nominations from staff and the community to develop a list of potential chair candidates for 2018. Broadening the nominating pool will hopefully encourage greater participation and provide a wider spread of candidates to select from.
Deadline for selection of the 2018 Chair will be end of December.

New Board member
The issue of the eighth Board member was discussed. Only one nominee accepted the nomination, therefore
Aphinity moved
Mediar seconded
That Pdawg be selected to the 8th position on the BCAEA Board of Directors.
The motion passed unanimously.
It was determined that the Board will not fill the position opened by Trapa’s resignation until the regular election cycle in June. The position would be opened up at that time as Trapa’s second term would have ended at that time anyhow.

Discussion of taxes and other accounting issues
The Board is investigating how, as a not-for-profit society, it will be required to handle tax reporting and filing. Faye volunteered to look into the situation and will report to the board at a later date as to how we should approach this issue.

Mediar left the meeting at this point.

Harassment and abuse discussions
Faye reported that she had spoken to one of the people who had suffered alleged harassment/abuse and whose case was brought forward as part of the recent policy-related issues. The person reported that a ban was not necessarily and that they understood that we cannot police what happens outside of the convention. Faye offered the person support at the convention should they require it, and the person was reportedly comfortable with the overall response.
Aphinity noted that much of the current issues could have been avoided had the board connected with the reporting person and reiterated that he feels the board should take a personal approach to such reports. Carthage agreed that the board should hear out what these people bring to us. Faye said that many issues are not malicious and could likely be mitigated with some sort of consent training such as what she has suggested as potential for the convention.

Potential future events hosted by the Board
Aphinity reported that the Executive Burnaby may be interested in hosting a new years party if we could arrange something. The Board is going to look into the potential of funding and hosting such an event this year. A survey is being considered to determine interest within the community. Temrin offered to provide graphics and art.
A bowling meet is also possible; Aphinity will look into that more once Howloween is over.
Zen suggested skating days as possible fun events.
Faye said that a yearly video showing fun activities that the BCAEA has promoted could be used as a recruiting tool for event staff and to get the board’s name out in the community more effectively.

Aphinity moved the meeting be closed. Unanimous.

BCAEA General Meeting Oct 13th 2016

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Notes from the General Meeting
Oct 13 2016

Meeting was held online
In attendance:
In person:

Calling in via skype:

New Business:
  • Update on today’s statement/email
    • Tony - looks like the statement helped quiet things, (1500 impressions, 360 engagements)
    • Looks to be positive
    • TIme to resolve and move forward
  • Staff feelings
    • Tony - Need to reassure staff, and then understand what we are doing.
    • Temrin - talking to them in chats to let them know things are being worked on.
    • Faye - General staff feelings.
    • Temrin - Staff concerned about their name being slandered. Generally ‘ok’. Staff still posting on social media, mostly ok.
    • Carthage - everyone supportive after the statement was issued.
    • Aphinity - this turned into an emotional instead of fact, once their request was turned down.
    • Elias - the staff are ok, but a lot big shoes to fill, and not enough to ppl to do that.
    • Lost the following staff: Mesa, Silvermink, Tyins, Akonite, SilverHoof, and sort of Lavose. Very likely also Greyson.

  • Harassment/Sexual Assault Policy
    • Tony - Need an AT EVENT POLICY, need to figure out what it is, and how we approach it.
    • Temrin - Staff harassment at sanctioned events.

MOTION Aphinity  - Any emails/coms, we receive regarding an incident that happened out side of an BCAEA event, will receive a reply stating relevant BCAEA policy and helplines for the related incident relevant to the case. Faye seconds

Unanimous vote for.

  • Non-convention Harassment
    • Tony - If we do something, are we legally liable, ie: we ban someone based 3rd party info, what happens.
    • Carthage - It’s a private event, we can refuse a membership at our discretion
    • Phin - do we choose to use allegations to look at banning someone?
      • Temrin - Receiving evidence, legal obligation to report crimes?
      • Tony - Private events, no requirements
      • Faye - Will talk to the lawyers
      • Temrin - Should require a police
      • Trapa - Give a suggestion we might do something if we deem it worthy
      • Carthage -
      • Mediar - do not take complaints about someone, unless there is an extraordinary event (active police case, charges laid, or conviction.)
      • Temrin - Agrees with mediar. People will come to us with all mater of things.
      • Tony - also agrees, but we have to make it look like we’ve considered all points and relay that to the public.
        • Trapa - create an essay length of why  and what we looked at.
        • Phin - Will be picked apart and used against us.
        • Temrin - essay could work, re:Furry Network over cub porn. Good thing to base it of off.
      • Phin - How to we proceed with latest situation? (Police report)
      • Trapa - what about released criminals after they serve their term?
      • Phin - Scam artist in dealers den, now he wants to do the same thing at VF. Drug dealer, and being allowed in VF.

  • Tony - will continue to explore and create policy.

MOTION mediar - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events,

the BCAEA Board will only discuss about taking  action on a complaint about someone/a party, only if there is at least a Police Case with file# available or offered.

Tony seconds

In favour 1
Apposed 5

MOTION trapa - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events,

the BCAEA Board will not look at a compliant at all. The only action taken would be pointing the person to a support service.

Mediar seconds

In favour 2
Apposed 4

MOTION Phin - To add the following to the section of the harassment policy that refers to events that happen outside bcaea events.

Any complaint received about attendees including a documented Criminal charge involving Violent Crime will trigger an immediate review of membership eligibility.

Carthage Seconds

In favour Unanimous

Move - Faye - Table the conversation regarding when the BCAEA Board will take action on a complaint, for no longer than 2 weeks.

Tony second

In Favour 5
Apposed 1


Mediar: Add the constitution of BCAEA as text to the board webpage.

Tony/Phin to fine BCAEA paperwork.

Business pushed to next meeting:
  • SJW comment
  • Have talked to Ph8l and they will post any BoD meeting minutes, bylaw and policy updates.

Continuing Business:
  • 8th BoD spot

Meeting adjourned.