Sunday, June 25, 2017

BCAEA General Meeting May 13th 2017

BC Anthropomorphic Events Association
Minutes of the meeting of May 13, 2017

Attending: Tony, Pdawg, Greyson, Carthage, Aphinity, RainRat, Mediar, 8 general members

Policy Manual
Board is still working towards developing the manual significantly in 2017/18. Tony has some rough suggestions to be shared with the rest of the board as a start to a working document. Some discussion suggested that the board consider policy manuals and documents from other conventions, and the board will pursue reviewing other events’ manuals for inspiration and ideas. Board is likely to target a business session to focus in on manual development in August.

Board discussion regarding having outside professionals handle financial duties for the convention. (Note: later research determined that as the BCAEA is such a small organization, several accountants recommended that volunteers be recruited to handle financial duties.) The board approved unanimously the acquisition of QuickBooks Online for ease of bookkeeping. Greyson suggested looking into volunteer audits in future.

Pdawg reported that ElektroFuzz had 45 presale tickets and was on target for reaching 120 total tickets sold.
The board discussed future activities for this summer, with discussion of a picnic or BBQ, or possibly a water park day. Research is continuing.
Offline discussions
The Board reviewed some discussions held between meetings.
- The BCAEA has not banned any individuals from attending its events.
- Elections are scheduled for end of June to fill two seats for three year terms.

New business
Carthage requested that as part of the policy discussion the Board review transition from one VancouFur chair to the next. Aphinity noted that this year has been somewhat hectic for a number of reasons. It was agreed to discuss this during the policy manual discussions.

Carthage also requested that the Board cover the user costs of Basecamp, which is the central organizing tool for VF 2018 at present. The board agreed to do so.

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